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 Our new book “Cornish Emigrants to Ontario: Volume 2”  is here! Click HERE for more information.

Map of Cornwall UK The Toronto Cornish Association is a Canadian group whose members research and share enthusiasm for the culture of Cornwall, UK. Cornwall is the most southwesterly county in Britain, and was once its own Celtic nation (it is often still referred to as “the Duchy”). It has its own language (Kernewek), unique cultural traditions, music, inventors, folktales and history. The main industries in Cornwall until modern times were fishing and mining… when those industries collapsed in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Cornish emigrants left their homeland and settled all over the world. People of Cornish heritage may be commonly found wherever mining or fishing communities needed expert workers: the gold rush towns of California, the deep mines in South Australia and Mexico, the fishing industries of Newfoundland, and other locations across the world. The primary local industry in Cornwall is now tourism, with emphasis on the county’s stretches of beautiful coastline. Join us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/TorontoCornishAssociation Email us anytime:  torontocornish@gmail.com