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Cornish Landscapes

TCA members share their own photographs of Cornwall.
2006-09-hd-minack theatre1.jpg

Vintage Cornish Postcards

TCA member Caroline Wiley shares some of her Cornish postcard collection.
2005-09-truro road st austell - old post card.jpg

Christmas 2014

The TCA celebrated Christmas once again at the lovely home of Ann Crichton-Harris and John Senders. Good food, good prizes, a challenging quiz, an entertaining story and tea and Sleeman beer. What more could we ask for?

Cornish Tea Party (2013)

TCA members enjoy a traditional Cornish Cream Tea!
2013-nov-08-tea party.jpg

St. Piran's Day Flag Raising (March 2011)

TCA members joined Toronto councilmembers as they raised the Cornish flag over Toronto City Hall on March 5th, 2011 in honour of St. Piran' Day.

Pasty Making Workshop (2011)

The Cornish pasty is the most famous traditional food of Cornwall. TCA members Ruth Pellow and Daphne Blunden taught a workshop on making the perfect pasty!

Toronto Archives (March 2011)

TCA Research visit and tour of the Toronto Archives, March 24th 2011.

Giant Cornish Scarf project (August 2010)

Many TCA members participated in a Guinness Book of World Records attempt, where Cornish knitters from many countries worked to create the world's longest scarf. The record is currently held by a group of Welsh knitters. (TCA picnic - Aug14/2010)

St. Piran's Day Flag Raising (March 2010)

TCA members participated in a Cornish flag-Raising event at Toronto City Hall (St Piran's Day - March5/2010)

Cornish Dehwelans Gathering (Sept. 2008)

International Cornish Dehwelans Gathering in Looe, Cornwall (Sept. 2008)

International Cornish Dehwelans Gathering (Apr/May 2004)

TCA members took part in the 2004 Dehwelans Gathering in Newquay, Cornwall.
2004-09-dehwelans bands night.jpg

11th Annual International Gathering of Cornish Cousins (July 2003)

The TCA hosted the 11th Annual International Gathering of Cornish Cousins, in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. The opening ceremonies included TCA president John Tyacke, a visiting RCMP officer, and John Bolitho (Grand Bard of Cornwall). (July/03)